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Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

There are plenty of accounting firms, bookkeepers and financial advisor’s in the Ottawa area, and you may be looking for one yourself, either for your own business, or individual tax return. The issue most people in this position run into, is how do you go about finding the best fit for your needs, not only on a service level, but from a pricing standpoint as well? This can be challenging, and something we’ll attempt to shine light on for you today so you can make an educated decision.

Primarily, you’re going to want to define what you want to get out of hiring an accounting firm so you can weed out those that don’t help move you towards your goals. For some small businesses streamlining their monthly payroll taxes and costs is all they need, while others need some serious catch up on their taxes, but only as a one time service. Some bookkeeping services in Ottawa you’ll see offered are more suited towards an ongoing monthly service, others are best as an advisory role. Clarify what you are looking for, and deciding on an accounting service becomes much easier.


Ottawa Accounting Firms And Bookkeepers – What Can They Do For Me?

Starting a business without at least consulting a bookkeeping service professional can be absolutely deadly for your ability to scale and leverage confidently. You’ll obviously want to know the tax implications of investing in your business a certain way or perhaps hiring locally versus outsourcing. Certified accountants can let you know what to expect and guide you through this often confusing legislative landscape.

Furthermore, if you are a typical business owner, you’re likely swamped and constantly worried about balancing your books so you can survive for another few months. A monthly bookkeeping service can help clear up where your finances are straggling and help make it clear what needs to be done financially so you can focus on your customers and serving them better. Can you do this yourself? Of course, however finding a bookkeeper that has experience with the legislative side of your specific market, as well as knowledge of the ins and outs is priceless and something you can’t really put a price on. Being picky about who you choose to share your financial information with can be the difference between scaling properly, or remaining small and clunky. Entrepreneur meetups and other networking events in your industry can be excellent resources for those looking for bookkeepers that have specific experience with your niche. Whether its a software business, or a restaurant, there are legislative nooks and crannies you definitely need to be made aware of, and in some cases – even exploit yourself.